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This comment was so emptily mean that I took the time to flag it.

It is not empty. I've refused a job I was head-hunted for (IT at a morally questionable firm) on a moral basis, even though pay and conditions would have been better than what I have now. If my current job started requiring me to do something I didn't agree with morally, I would leave (or refuse to do it and be forced out if necessarily).

So I think it is a perfectly valid question (albeit an uncomfortable one) to ask. There may be valid reasons for the OP to do/stay in the job that we aren't seeing. Or there may not. We won't know if we don't ask, and the OP doesn't have to answer.

It is well within the guidelines of HN, it adds to the discourse, particularly on a topic that is basically about morals/ethics. Just because it is an uncomfortable question, doesn't make it fall within what should be flagged.

I didn't read it to be empty, it actually displayed a point of view that is missing in public discourse. Questioning white wash may or may not look mean depending on the observer. It also proposes a very simple moral implication for this type of white wash. I think the white wash is real and it is very mean.

But like you, I also like spending time with what is really interesting to me. I hope I don't read void. Or mean-spirited.

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