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Ask HN: Who do you use for donains/DNS?
6 points by zensavona 1666 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite
Any recommendations? I'm with Mediatemple right now, but I'd like to have my domains separate to my hosting.

namecheap.com, best domain name registrar by lifehacker

+1. I've used network solutions and godaddy before, but namecheap has provided the best UI, customer service, and even price. Very tech friendly and very little bait-and-switch popup marketing.

I use godaddy, but I'm not impressed. Just haven't got around to transferring. I would recommend you go with someone else.

I use FastHosts, had no issues and DNS records get updated pretty quickly whenever I make changes.

I really like DNSimple.com. I've been a customer for over a year and highly recommend it.

I've been using Moniker for years and their bulk domain management is solid.

Hover.com and 10dollar.ca.

gkg.net - Reasonably priced, and they support DNSSEC.


cloudflare.com and gandi.net


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