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UK pricing is very reasonable, the problem we have is things don't make it here until years after release, even with iTunes purchasing. I don't mind it much because I've got used to it and I'll just watch a show once it's available, but it does mean I can't partake in online discussions.

A good example is Breaking Bad, we got Season 4 on Netflix the same day that Season 5 was airing in the US. I won't be able to see Season 5 until Season 6- okay I just checked netflix and they have Breaking Bad season 5!! I love you for inspiring me to check. Hah... see you in 8 hours when I come back to finish this comment and the now invalid complaint.

That's not behind. Nearly all TV shows are at least a season behind on Netflix in the US too.

"I won't be able to see Season 5 until Season 6"

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but there will be no season 6. Season 5 is the final one – the first half aired this summer, the last 8 episodes will air next summer.


Interesting. You're ahead of US Netflix on that - just checked and I do NOT have access to Breaking Bad Season 5.

Probably because Season 5 hasn't finished yet.

Stupid half-seasons.

I believe that Netflix premiered Season 5 in the UK. In other words, Netflix was the first place for Brits to legitimately watch the latest episodes of Breaking Bad.

Just wait until we start getting the Doctor before you do.

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