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I may never buy a DVD again.

Two years ago my DVD player broke. A year ago I replaced by laptop with a macbook air. No CD drive anywhere in site. And I've hardly noticed. I don't even remember what DVD's look like. And as somewhat of an apartment dwelling transient, I don't mind the open shelf space, and lack of another box I have to haul around in life after DVDs/CDs. I think generations will look back at the way we stored information and think, "what a waste of physical material".

As someone who owns many DVDs, I'm sad that the extra features often included on them (interviews, documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage) remain unavailable on streaming services like Netflix. I hope that as competition increases, this extra content is included as a value-add. Some of the features on Pixar DVDs showing the pre-production storyboarding and early animation are particularly interesting.

I haven't bought a DVD/Bluray since I signed up for Netflix streaming.

I like having a blu-ray of my absolute favorite movies handy... the other 95% I agree, meh.

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