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Take out that automatic nonsense and I think he makes a good proposal. A URL can currently load a local app rather than a page in webkit. Only in this case, there would be some markup that would tell the browser to check for the installed app, perhaps the browser would present some unobtrusive indicator that a hybrid app was available to download. Just keep the address bar and the rest of the browser chrome there, swap the webkit frame out with the app's window, let the app access some of the history APIs, and you'd have a good portion of this figured out.

Thanks for seeing the value in my (somewhat avantgarde) argument.

I'd be happy with the app availability indicator as well. The native app would still remain within the confines of the browser, so that you could easily navigate away. People don't install apps today because it takes time to download them, and the browsing experience is interrupted by switching to a different app.

Ah, I misunderstood your proposal. This would actually be a great update and is pretty plausible.

Like, a streamlined way of installing an app and the ability to launch it with some URL the first time. Relatively easy, not a platform threat.

The internet doesn't need more confirm/deny dialogues.

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