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What if they were all paying customers? You couldn't scale at all, even during the first week, so you shut it all down? There is something fishy here!

Actually in this day and age scaling you code (to a moderate level) is maybe not the hardest part, I think the hardest part is to have the ressources to pay for hosting, bandwidth, cpu and ram. Thus if your model was not to provide a free app and have indirect incomes, in this case having non paid users is a major problem. But I think they should have thought about this problem before launching their app and implement anti-piracy measures.

You're right.. It's not all that hard to scale, and on top of that a single server really can support a lot of users. I built the back-end for an app in the App Store with well over 100k downloads and tons of active users.. It runs on 2 servers with a load balancer, and is total overkill. I could dispose of the load balancer and just run it all on one server.

I have a real problem with them blaming piracy for this, when there are many things they could have done to address the issue, as you mentioned.

They mentioned that the increase happened after a pirated .ipa was released; plus I imagine that they could look at their sales numbers, and then look at the number of people logging in, and realize that something was amiss.

If they were all paying customers they could probably afford to move more coders on to the project and help with scaling issues.

Not sure if it's "couldn't" or just didn't want to, if they really made little money on the game.

But, there seems like there's more to this story. I haven't played the game... but having a popular free-to-download game and making money on consumables is the new App Store model.

So seems if it was a very popular pirated game, they could easily make money promoting it to the broad free-to-download audience and make money on in app purchases. I'm guessing the game will come back retuned as a free-to-play game. (looks like it already had IAP, not sure how effective it was).

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