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Ask HN: API for voice recognition?
13 points by zoltar92 1002 days ago | 2 comments
Hey is anyone familiar with any API or way to recognize different people's voice. Or at least given two audio files differentiate between the two-- and match a third to whichever is more similar?

After a quick google search I didn't see any APIs but this stack overflow post turned up which might be helpful: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7269935/is-there-a-voice-...

The search term "voice authentication" might be better for you than "voice recognition" if I understand you correctly.


Thanks man, "voice authentication" isn't what I am looking for-- but Mistral (from what i've seen) has a recognition! I'm going to look into it further to see if it recognizes a pattern vs can distinguish between 2-3 voices. But thanks so much!


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