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Show HN: open-source App Engine ePub hosting service
4 points by rezendi on Dec 4, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite
Wrote this for fun: an App Engine site to let people store, search, and share quotes from DRM-free ebooks that they upload.


Written in Python, code here: http://github.com/rezendi/epubhub

Whole bunch of stuff I'd like to do, eg extend support to DRM-free Kindle books (yes, they do exist!), cache books locally via HTML5 for mobile reading, share quotes to FB/Twitter, etc.

Hopefully useful as an example of an App Engine site written in Python that includes use of background tasks, the BigTable datastore, Google's full-text Search API, etc.

I did make a cursory check for existing libraries and didn't find anything that quite seemed to fit (other than TweePy), but I expect there are several that I could and should have used...

Note that only Creative Commons and Public Domain books are publicly available (and I'm the only one who verifies what's CC and PD) in order to avoid rights violations.

I'm sure there are bugs, too, and notifications of such would be welcome.

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