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This is fantastic. The UI is wonderful, site design is responsive, and from what I've found so far it has great content. Kudos for you for committing the time to building such a major project and finally shipping.

Initial feedback (major to minor):

- Please add a button to let me add songs in my feed to a queue rather than cutting off the current song.

- There's a bug where, for some reason, the modal popup that I used to sign up / add artists is still capturing mouse events even though it is now invisible. It's taking away my ability to click in the middle of the screen, which is very frustrating cause I can't use search. Not sure why this is happening. It's Z-index is 201 and opacity set to 0 via CSS, if that helps, and I logged in with Facebook.

- My screen is small (11" Air), and some parts of the site are cut off height-wise. For example, the left nav bar's "find friends" button.

- When I click on a new song, the artist in the top bar updates immediately, but the title takes a few seconds.

- All of the letters in the colored boxes next to song names are too far to the right by one pixel.

Again, congratulations on shipping! I'd be happy to provide more feedback if you're interested.

- When hovering over the left side menu items, I would highlight the text into a much lighter font color--I was already expecting it to happen (and anticipating the eye candy) from all the other apps I've used that do that.

Thanks for all the feedback and kind words, I will look into them!

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