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repiret 500 days ago | link | parent

Having recently sold an iPhone on eBay and been concerned about problems like this, I wish eBay would allow non-professional sellers restrict bids to professional buyers.

codenerdz 500 days ago | link

Thousand times this. Their buyer filtering options are laughable.

If they were to let me limit sales to people with certain types of addresses, purchases of certain value, a reasonable number of feedback, etc, that would be very helpful in reducing a chance of being defrauded


Al-Khwarizmi 500 days ago | link

If they allowed that, almost all sellers would do it for security, and then there would be no ways for buyers to get any feedback.

In fact, when I was placing my first bids on eBay, some buyers would cancel the auction or retract the bids because they didn't trust me. I understand their position, but how are you supposed to get feedback if sellers won't sell you anything?


repiret 499 days ago | link

Right, which is why they should only allow non-professional/low-volume sellers to make this restriction, that way new users can still buy from pro sellers to get some reputation, or people selling in odd-ball domains where such a restriction overly harm the seller.

If you sell, say, more than 500 items a year, you turn into a professional seller and you can't be as restrictive, but you are doing enough business for the occasional scammer to not make a large impact.

Of course, I think eBay is harmed relatively little by scammers like the one in the OP; so I can see why they haven't done much to prevent it at risk of loosing real business.


JoachimSchipper 499 days ago | link

How many sellers would use a multitude of accounts to get around this restriction?


pjzedalis 500 days ago | link

eBay makes money off the listing fees. They don't care whether you get your item or not.


tolos 499 days ago | link

If you never get your item, you stop buying, so people stop selling, so people stop using ebay ...


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