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My mind read it as "stickied".


We built it to integrate with vBulletin forums: https://partners.styckyd.com

Our brand name is taken from "stickying" a post on a forum.

To me, it looks like Stuck Kyd (kid). The link underlinining combined with the lack of other vowels is messing with my brain. (Also, I tend to read things from the last syllable to first when learning how to pronounce.)

You need to get a proper domain name if you are serious about this as a business. Go get $10,000 and buy stickypost.com if you still like the name. Look at the comments in this thread discussing what it means.

Maybe. The domain name isn't perfect, I'll admit, but it's far from the key thing standing in the way of the success of the product.

I had read it as "Sticky-D", which didn't evoke the best imagery. Yours is much better.

I think "Sticky-D" is a much better interpretation. It is got "swag" or "je ne sais quoi" for the more literate crowd. But "stickied" makes me think of old ladies and post-it notes.

Lynyrd Skynyrd called...

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