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Shameless plug; we've built one for automotive enthusiasts: https://www.styckyd.com

Our target is to serve the C2C market and make shipping less painless as well as eliminate some of the risk on the buyer's side. With the current climate for buying goods online companies serving the space are at risk for opening themselves up to scams like this one by buyers. The reality for anyone accepting credit cards is that you're at the mercy of the buyer.

Dude, why can't I just browse a bunch of products for sale? That's all I want to do, I don't want to sign up to your site. I just want to see what's listed and possibly buy some parts. I'll probably check back again tomorrow if I see a few interesting things, probably in my lunch break at work. I've been thinking about getting a Garrett 3071 turbo kit but haven't given into the temptation yet -- but probably after seeing one listed for a few days I might cave in and buy it on impulse.

But I won't, because I don't want to sign up to be able to window shop...

and I stopped looking at your site after about 15 seconds as a result.

Being terse in this post bc I'm working atm and don't have much time.

a) Link either doesn't exist on main page or isn't immediately apparent enough.

b) Consider this page - http://www.boostclassifieds.com.au. Today is the first time I've seen it - visually it looks horrible and potentially untrustworthy. If I may say so, your site looks freakin' incredible. But on their site, the first thing my eyes land on is a gigantic list of categories. It takes me FIVE seconds to find the link to "turbos and superchargers" and one click later I'm where I want to be, looking at what I want to buy. Which I guarantee I'm doing right now - in fact I've spotted a couple of GT280RS that look pretty good to me.

I had to navigate through so much shit to find the search page and look for turbos on your site that I didn't actually want to bother.

Thanks for that feedback. Not terse at all.

I'm having trouble with the balancing act. I definitely need to improve the searchability of the site. At the same time if I put everything front and center it'll become pretty apparent that we don't have many listings yet. Will that just turn people away? I'm not sure yet, I don't have the data to say.

I'll think more on this.

Yes, not having a lot of listing will definitely turn people away.

But so will a site with no listings at all, as yours appears.

The first thing you should do is split the site: A big "For sellers" / "For buyers" right at the start, then each group can navigate their own section. Perhaps a third button to talk about what you do, what's special about your site.

Hiding essential text is nearly always bad

You've gone too far in the style over substance balance.

The site has so much style it's unusable. And what's with the B/W photos? They look horrible. Even on the detail page I have to mouse over it to get color.

People go a site like yours to get stuff done, not to chill out and look around.

P.S. I apologize if I sound too harsh, I'm not always good at giving criticism online.

For some reason the URL and page say "search" on them...

What's the value prop for "make shipping less painless"? :)

Because we're targeting consumers, they're less familiar with shipping than businesses. Our system provides buyers with accurate shipping costs and prepares labels for sellers when their parts have been purchased.

All they have to do is put it in a box and drop the package off.

This also means that we can eventually grow each seller's addressable market within our system as we'll handle cross-border shipping on their behalf.

I think grandfather comment is poking fun at your (presumed) typo: your earlier comment should probably say "making shipping less painful" rather than "making shipping less painless."

Oh my. You are correct. Long day.

How do you pronounce that?

My mind read it as "stickied".


We built it to integrate with vBulletin forums: https://partners.styckyd.com

Our brand name is taken from "stickying" a post on a forum.

To me, it looks like Stuck Kyd (kid). The link underlinining combined with the lack of other vowels is messing with my brain. (Also, I tend to read things from the last syllable to first when learning how to pronounce.)

You need to get a proper domain name if you are serious about this as a business. Go get $10,000 and buy stickypost.com if you still like the name. Look at the comments in this thread discussing what it means.

Maybe. The domain name isn't perfect, I'll admit, but it's far from the key thing standing in the way of the success of the product.

I had read it as "Sticky-D", which didn't evoke the best imagery. Yours is much better.

I think "Sticky-D" is a much better interpretation. It is got "swag" or "je ne sais quoi" for the more literate crowd. But "stickied" makes me think of old ladies and post-it notes.

Lynyrd Skynyrd called...

Pretty sure its "Stock Yard"

That's how I read it initially. Letters didn't match up perfectly, but with the weird, shorter name, I didn't give it much thought.

But it's not.

stick-id, maybe?

"stick it"?

just like it's spelled.

Secure Tading? Is that a typo or something I'm not familiar with?

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