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Ask HN: Floodgate Capital reputation and exits?
3 points by TWAndrews 1839 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
I'm considering joining a relatively early stage start up in the bay area which has received an A round from Floodgate capital (previously Maples Investments). I'm working on my due diligence for the company, and thought I'd ask if anyone on HN has experience with Floodgate.

I know that they were part of the series A round with Digg, but don't know much beyond that, other than what I can get from their website.

Is this Mike Maples' fund? If so, yes, they are well known and Mike is a great guy.

Raj CEO, Viralheat Inc.

Yes, he's the original founder of Maples Investments, which became Floodgate. Appreciate the information!

Yes. He is a very savvy and very experienced investor. He is a great resource for any startup imho.

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