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Show HN : Flicksery - A Netflix Search Engine (my side project)
11 points by phenomenon 1781 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite
I built this simple Netflix Search Engine for myself but I think this could be useful to anyone who uses Netflix.


Blog post : http://tmblr.co/ZemAIvYPpv2C

Please let me know your feedback.


Clickable links: Flicksery - http://www.flicksery.com Blog Post - http://tmblr.co/ZemAIvYPpv2C

A filter to only get big budget movies, not the "Not to be confused with the big budget film" ones, would be awesome :) Filter by Studio as well.

Kudos to you for building this.

I actually had a netflix free trial about 6 months ago, but searching for content on offer was awful. I actually didn't take a subscription because I didn't think the collection of movies/tv shows was of high enough quality or large enough, but perhaps I just couldn't find what I was looking for!

I too had the same problem, but off and on I did find movies that were really good but were hidden somewhere. The only way I could explore it was by building something of my own. After writing this app I have been able to discover some really awesome stuff on Netflix. Really glad that you liked it. Thanks.

Looks pretty awesome! Is this your startup or just a side project? I'd love to hear some details about the backend stack.

This is just a side project which I basically did to find better movies in Netflix. I did not like the

This is built on Ruby On Rails and MySql as the database. I use Sunspot Solr for Rails for better text search.

Very useful tool. In my opinion filter by (or order by) released date is a useful feature.

Thanks cheae !

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