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>extra task of running minimization on the complete HTML of a webpage

Of course that would be slow, but if you have compiled templates on a dynamic site, could you not strip out whitespace at compile-time?

Minifying dynamically generated files on the fly is harder than static ones (Its obviously possible but you have to take it into consideration) & there are some cases where it actually might decrease performance as, every page request requires minifying.

Personally, I think the benefits of minifying your HTML won't pay off until you're receiving a significant amount of traffic anyway. Which is why, for the large majority of sites they'll see better value through minifying/combining their CSS/JS and tackling the other low hanging fruit first.

I think you didn't understand the parent post. TazeTSchnitzel is saying that when the template is initially compiled, it can be minified. Then you'd get that minification for free forever after.

I understood the question which is why, I said there are still performance issues if you try to do this & its only beneficial to websites that receive a large volume of traffic as they are the ones who will see the benefits of doing this; there are other low hanging fruit that can improve performance before even looking minifying HTML.

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