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what's the simplest Jinja2 generator out there?

...the use case is for creating and tweaking basic html themes. I currently helped a designer/front-end-guy set-up Hyde but it was horrible and he only needed 20% of what hyde does to get his job done... finally found a forked version with a patched bug that worked on Windows (original pypi and git versions had a weird bug), figured out that the only way to put media files was in the deploy folder because otherwise Hyde still tries to do stuff to them and fails miserably, and for SASS I just taught him to do `sass --watch sass:css` as I was afraid to think what horrors lay in the land of Hyde/SASS integration... and after all this it still does weird shit (on the other hand, my own experience with Hyde on Linux was much smoother... maybe it's just that the devs only test it on *NIX)

I wrote my own tool here because I too had little interest in complexity of some of the larger generators: https://github.com/Ceasar/staticjinja. It's just 129 lines of code (https://github.com/Ceasar/staticjinja/blob/master/staticjinj...) and so far I've used it to build three sites with the ease I was hoping for. Might be what you're looking for, and at least, you should be able to edit it to fit your needs.

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