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I'm a military veteran. I've been to war. What the article is written about is not a war. It is a competition between companies in a safe and opportunistic market, which is the furthest thing from warfare and destruction that I know.

Relax. The analogy is more to storybook combat (Game of Thrones is the model) rather than real war. I found the extended analogy to be clever and fun.

Whilst I respect you as a veteran I feel that your comment did little to add to this discussion.

The entire article is filled with metaphor and simile all building up this vision of a Middle Earth-esque world with these companies fighting for territory amongst themselves. The author was not saying that they were at war, I don't see Google launching drones filled with napalm at Cupertino any time soon, he was implying that these companies are fighting for survival in difficult and competitive markets.

As far as metaphors go, it was a fantastic one, filled with great imagery and for the most part fairly informative content.

Not all wars are fought with guns and muscles, and very few are won that way. At the top levels, companies fighting each other looks almost identical to warfare.

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