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Verbling (YC S11) hiring engineers for live video language learning
on Dec 1, 2012 | hide
We launched Verbling Classes on TechCrunch today: http://techcrunch.com/2012/11/30/verbling-classes-new-languages/

We allow language learners all over the world to practice face to face with native speaking peers and teachers through live video in the browser. We're targeting over a billion language learners previously locked into a dead, broken market, now ripe for disruption thanks to live video technology.

Your contribution will have truly global reach from day one: our product improves lives on six continents around the clock. Our offices are in SOMA, San Francisco, featuring an incredible view of the city and frequent snack deliveries from Instacart.

We're looking for new Backend and Frontend Engineers:

Job Activities

Be a core early member of a small startup. Help bring ideas from concept to implementation. Develop scalable solutions for a real time backend to support live video with lots of concurrent users. Hack on top of a fun, development optimized technology stack: we're fully Node.js with MongoDB. Backbone.js and RequireJS on the frontend. Use Verbling to chat with users from around the world. This is one of our few, hard rules.


Be passionate about open-source and tinkering anywhere in the stack. Experience with Node.js, Backbone.js, and open-source are preferable but not necessary. You're a smart, well-rounded engineer who loves a challenge. Previous projects (personal, academic, or corporate) that show a zest for engineering. Ability to learn and acquire new skills quickly in a self-starting, highly productive environment. You have a passion for human languages. CS degree preferred.

Make your case and send it to jobs@verbling.com - links to Github and Linkedin help us get to know you!

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