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What are your plans for 2013?
7 points by withinthreshold 1819 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments
In less then a month, 2013 will come. What are you planning to do next year? Are you going to get big or stay small? Change jobs, go freelance or start your business? Are you going to get rid of projects? How much do you want to earn?

I'm going to work like a madman and try to leave the techonology field to the business field starting with my MBA. Get ~110 of average wpm by december 2013.

Maybe get a raise, currently making $30k/year when I frequently contribute with rails and maintain 2 gems and have lots of knowledge of Ruby(and time spent) doesn't make any sense to me. Third world countries =(

I also want to go to the Rails/Ruby Conf 2013 in the US(which costs ~4 months of work), which will probably be the last line in my tech career. I HOPE.

Go freelance or find remote work with for US/Canada/Europe companies. You could earn at least double or even triple if you do it right.

Work: I have plans to develop myself as a freelancer. I've just read Brennan Dunn's 'Double your freelancing rate' and I'm really motived. I have to build up my presence online and create a business network to start getting referals (just 2 clients so far). Also I have some stuff I'm working on and ideas to develop next year:

- A replacement for OSX's Console App

- Website Blog platform

- Some weird stuff I may think...

Ideally I would like to get at least 3 new clients this year and ship any of my ideas.

Life-style: I'm planning running the Barcelona marathon and hopefully New York's one too. I'm using asics training web-tool and started running in October, so I very confident that I will made it!

2013 is the year that I take the plunge and found the startup that I have been planning for the past year. My school requires all graduating seniors to complete a "Senior Project" of substantial quality and effort: I am using this as a runway to build the beta of my product. Then when I graduate, I'll have something to unleash upon the world.

If anyone is interested in NLP, graph theory, Python web development, and educational tech, definitely contact me. We could build something awesome together.

Start promoting the static blog service I'm almost finished building.

Finish up a couple of other side projects.

Finish up my collection of "Locke & Key" and "Powers" (comic books).

Quit smoking (ideally before the end of the year, for good measure).

Get back down to fighting weight. I'm down to my last 10 pounds.

Resume Muay Thai/MMA training (at the age of 35, this is the scariest).

I want to launch the MVP of the product I'm working on right now and get at least ONE customer. I have no idea what I'm doing, making it all up as I go. If somebody could give me some feedback on the idea that would be great! http://folkrobots.com

Just my first impression: can't you use Google Analytics API to see the inbound keywords people are coming from (so users don't have to add another tracker) and use, for example, AdWords API to generate similar keywords?

Hey, thanks for giving me your first impression. GA blasts you with lots of long tail keywords. It'll be up to you to figure out similar keywords yourself and check the competitiveness. Also, the competitiveness ranking from the Adwords API is based on how many people are bidding on that keyword, not how hard it is to rank in the search engine results. The application I'm building would analyze your inbound keywords and tell you which ones you should rank for.

People could use the GA API and Adwords API to build something similar. But that just goes into the argument of whether to build or to buy. Businesses would probably spend the money instead of building it themselves and wasting their engineer's time.

Tell me if you have any thoughts on my response. I'm thinking I really need to clarify the landing page but I'd rather finish building the MVP.

To learn outbound sales for http://improvely.com, which is currently growing only through inbound marketing and referrals.

2013 feels like it will be the year of the startup. Maybe its just in my circles, but everyone is talking about one. Perhaps crowd-funding has something to do with it..

Graduate college, launch a startup, conquer the universe. :)

Learn programming @ 10x.org.il. Take my idea live.

Mentor aspiring junior software developers, empower Great people, help them fulfill their dreams.

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