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My only reaction is, WTF?

First, terribly edited. The paragraph in the middle starting "My room in Astoria had one foam mattress in it..." apparently should come after the very first paragraph.

Second, there is no point to the entire article. It's an interesting anecdote if you knew Altucher and he was just sharing a story over dinner, but as a TechCrunch home page article??

Third, it's a random collection of nonsense. What does renting a hotel room for a year for 37k in cash have to do with anything? He says "Shlomo" always hated him, but the story he gave before does not jibe with this at all - in fact, he makes it seem he loved him before. Then he reveals that he lost the guy a million bucks, at which point they no longer spoke - but that presumably he hated him before that, too.

And the conclusion? Don't get me started. I don't even know what to think: I thought of the girl who worked in his office who had the huge scar down one side of her face. I thought of how I loved her and wanted to lick her scar and be the only one to tell her how beautiful she was. Shlomo’s dead. I am still alive.

Again, WTF? It comes across like the ramblings of a madman. I would honestly not be surprised to learn the author has some form of mental illness.

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