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It's odd that Microsoft's name does not come in the discussion that talks about technology giants. Google, Apple all are competing with Microsoft tooth and nail. Amazon and facebook maybe less so. Not mentioning it makes me question if its the bias or lack of knowledge on the part of the author.

Read the article -- MS is mentioned in what is probably appropriate context -- as a side issue to the great game currently underway.

It's a war on multiple fronts, Facebook and Google for the graph, Google vs. Apple and MS for phones, and Amazon vs. Apple on content.

In most of these wars MS is currently not mounting any serious challenges, however, due to cash on hand and it's relationships it could eventually start to make serious inroads. MS is in a much better position in 2012 than Apple was in 97.

Most importantly MS isn't lacking any technology that Google has, despite lower userbase in things like search, etc.

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