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Pelican <http://getpelican.com/>; is a Python-based static site generator with a very active community behind it. It has a good mix of features without being overly complicated. Check it out!

(Disclaimer: I'm a Pelican project committer.)

I just moved to Pelican, and am liking it so far, except for one thing: the lack of mobile support. The theme I'm using, tuxlite, looks great in a browser; but on smartphones, it's squint city. I'd love it if Pelican automagically generated a mobile-friendly version of the site, which could then be used by some Rewrite rules based on the browser.

You can extend pelican to make a mobile site, or you could just put together a responsive theme for it.

I really enjoy Pelican. It's simple.

For other devs: if you're familiar with Jinja, then you're 80% of the way there.

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