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Ask HN: Who is meeting up? (December 2012)
68 points by whoishiring on Dec 1, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 61 comments
Let's try to build a list of all Hacker News meet up groups and organize new groups for cities that don't have one yet.

Please post the name of your city and a link to your group.

San Francisco


The first meetup a couple of days ago was successful- thanks Dan for organizing it and Coderwall for hosting. Hope to see more of these.

Also: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gosfhn http://sfhn.eventbrite.com

Photos of the event via Chute (YC W12): http://slidechute.com/w/hnsfmeetup

We really enjoyed having everyone out. We'll be having these bi-monthly from now on, so expect another in late january.

I'll also try to do other nice things for members. For instance, we will have a free lottery for an after-hours secret showing of the movie "Hackers" at The Roxie.

Austin, TX - new group - let's see if we can get together.


I'm sure Capital Factory can host this. Also, get in touch with Josh Baer--he writes the Austin StartupDigest every Sunday, and it goes out Monday morning. It lists all the tech-related events in Austin and it's what many people in Austin read to find events. If you're not on it, definitely subscribe as well: http://austin.startupdigest.com/

If you need help with intros for event space, etc., let me know. Contact info in my profile.

In related news, we are trying to get a reddit group started for startup related stuff in austin: /r/austinstartups



* - New group! Let's see whether there are enough of us to start a regular meetup.

Signed up, also we use to have a lunch meetup (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=541044). Going to post to that list as well about the new meetup group.

Do you think it would be reasonable to make this a joint Victoria/Vancouver group? Ferry times might make it a non-starter, but thought I should float it out there...

I was ecstatic when I saw the link, then my heart drooped after clicking and seeing only 4 hackers were part of the group :(.

Great idea. Would love one in Boston/Cambridge, anybody else interested?

I would also be interested in a Boston/Cambridge meet up. There was talk about this a few weeks back. Would love to see this happen.

I'll be in Boston Dec 7th -> Jan 25th.

I'd be interested!

I'm in

Hey guys/gals, I set up a Boston HN meetup group: http://www.meetup.com/hn-boston/

Join if interested. Want to meet at a bar after work the week of Dec 10th?

Just joined. I'd be down for a meetup as long as it isn't 30* out. Can we do something downtown? Cambridge is great, but it's an hour each way for me.

Sacramento"ish" here: http://www.meetup.com/Nevada-County-Hackers/

I'm the Meetup group's organizer, and our first real meetup is a hackathon this weekend: http://www.nevadacityhackathon.com/

Nelson gave a great demo of D3.js. We're a decent group of people to know if you're within 50 miles or so of Sac'to.

New York City: http://www.meetup.com/Hacker-News/New-York-NY/

Only a couple people, please join!

If you are looking to start a meetup in your own city please make it under the Meetup Everywhere for Hacker News, that way we get a nice directory - and it's free!


Denmark - Aarhus or Copenhagen, who is in? :-)

Talk to @CopenhagenJS they are well connected in the meetup scene.

Noticed they were very active, but the "JS" part made me lose the interest :( Are there meetups more general, that one would think, taking the name into consideration?

It's a fair amount of overlap with other language communities as well.

I'd be up for Aarhus if anybody is in the area.

Hamilton NZ? There's nothing here now, but happy to try and organise something if there is anyone else interested?

Good to hear there's a HN meetup in Toronto! Any idea why it's set up as a private group? All the other HN meetup groups I checked on this page are public.

I don't know, sorry (not my group)

On a related note, can someone advice on how to make most from these meetups. I created a thread for it. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4862067

DC - http://meetup.hackernewsdc.org/

It seems like it is literally always run when I'm out of town, but I've heard nothing but greatness abounds.

It sucks there's nothing scheduled. I'm in town until Tuesday, visiting from SF. It would have been nice to meet other HNers in DC.

Detroit - Anybody have one setup / interested in setting one up?

Are there any in NYC? If not, does anyone want to start one?

If anyone in NYC wants to meetup I'll most likely be going to the Health Hackers meetup on Broadway in NYC - http://www.meetup.com/HealthHackingNYC/events/93407462/, and the Holiday Demos and Drinks at the Gallery Bar in NY http://www.meetup.com/techinmotionnyc/events/91691122/

If you're in healthcare IT and want to meetup, let me know

I'm trying to start up the NYC meetup, please join: http://www.meetup.com/Hacker-News/New-York-NY/

Here is the Hacker News Meetup Everywhere for NYC: http://www.meetup.com/Hacker-News/New-York-NY/

It's rather empty but I'd like to get it going - please help: join and let's set a date and place!! I just got back from Seattle where the hacker news meetup is a big event - let's do the same in NYC!

Were you working in Seattle, or just on vacation? Two kids I graduated highschool with work at MSFT out there, curious how big of a HN meetup it is out there...been thinking about actually moving to the left coast within the next few years, never been there but would like to be. I'm currently working on a health IT startup about 30 mins outside of NYC, it's just me and 2 others, but I'm the only technical guy...looking to find some other technical people who want to solve tough problems in health IT that's why I'm looking to start attending some meetups in the city...is anyone else here interested, or currently working in health IT?

Just joined the meetup group EDITED: Just checked out your site, and see that you were out in Seattle for an incubator, answered my own question ^ lol

Hi there - yes I was out in Seattle for two accelerators actually - Microsoft Accelerator for Kinect powered by TechStars ( http://kinectaccelerator.com ) and Fledge - a conscious company incubator ( http://fledge.co ).

The Seattle hacker news meetup - which I've gone to at least once - maybe twice - seemed massive --- like 200+ people show up... I'd say its kind of an anchor of the tech community out there - kind of like the NY Tech meetup here.

Healthcare tech --- I know there's been a fair amount of people show up to my Kinect meetup group with that interest --- we should actually do an event on the topic - perhaps you'd like to help organize something? It's at http://meetup.com/volumetric . Meetups are a great way to find people to work with. Hackathons are even better.

My email is on my hacker news profile - feel free to get in touch to chat more about Seattle or healthcare tech. :)


I'd be interested in getting one going.

I'm also attending TEDx Silicon Alley on Monday (http://www.ted.com/tedx/events/4880). If anyone else is going I'd love to hear from you.

In either case, my email is in my profile.

Thanks for the tip about TedX - just bought a ticket! sean@here.st

( also, here's the hacker news NYC group - I'm trying to get it started up! http://www.meetup.com/Hacker-News/New-York-NY/ )

HN folks in St. Louis, check out the StartLouis startup group. Our next meetup is this Tuesday!


And for folks in mid-Missouri, check out http://www.theloi.com/ and https://comorichweb.posterous.com/

Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto (Kansai) in Japan : http://hnkansai.org

STOCKHOLM anyone? Personally I suck at organizing but if there is some interest maybe I can. :)

Any groups in Columbus, OH?

Houston,TX needs one.

lets create it. email me: ezl@rocketlease.com

San Diego


Rails Girls Gurgaon, railsgirls.com/gurgaon

Montreal - who's in?

I am in. Just saw it today...

I'm in.

I am!

Glasgow, anyone?

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