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Years ago we want to do this and I didn't know any tool for it. I develop the application internally and we used wget mirroring to statically deploy it.

Initially I thought it would suck but turns out wget is way better than I thought. With the combination of ssh etc. We build a simple script that deploys takes mirror of the website and deploys it.

After about 5-6 years, it's still in production with no issues. Internally it's a wiki style, simple database model home grown ASP.NET application.

That sounds pretty cool. Have you considered publishing it under an open-source license?

I haven't actually, mostly making something open source takes time, if you don't have that extra time pretty much no one will use it. (at least that's my experience)

exactly, i developed a solution based on pavuk (which has a bit more options then wget) - still in use as far as I know after almost 8 years!

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