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Ask HN: Where to write and publish simple post?
4 points by knes on Dec 1, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments
I just want to express some though about the startup world and write about my experiences but I don't want to set up a blog or something. http://www.medium.com Looked nice for that purpose but it is still in private beta for writers.

Any ideas where I could write my content?

If you already have a github account: http://gist.github.com

Share it via http://gist.io

These were on HN a couple of months ago:



Throwww looks very nice! Thanks

Anything wrong with tumblr, posterous, wordpress.com, blogger, etc.

The world is not short of free/cheap blogging tools ;)

All those platform makes you create a "blog". I don't want a blog that I have to keep updating otherwise it will look odds with only 1 post every 2 months.

Being highly dependent upon acceptance by others is probably not a desirable trait in when it comes to writing for public consumption.

Most blogs aren't outstanding. Half are below average. That doesn't change what you have to say.

I've got three blogs I've started. I've got about half a dozen journals. Sometimes the gaps between entries in any of them will be a couple of years. Think less of me as a human being if you wish.

Well - it's pretty easy to set some context in the blog description.

That said - maybe something like tinyletter.com would fit you better.

I would like to add that Google+ Is not an option for me. Its a social network I don't and won't use.


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