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Interactive JavaScript version: http://js.do/samples/labyrinth

Hmm.. thats not a oneliner. Which is what makes the Basic version interesting in the first place. Also it differs in that it does not run continously.

I shortened it a bit:


Still not as elegant as the Basic version.

This is one of the big downsides of how javascript is implemented in the browsers these days. There is no simple way to redraw the screen. You have to turn your whole program into a state machine and work with timouts just to display something.

> ...not as elegant as the BASIC version

Beautiful statement. So much unintentional irony, and at the same time so very true in this context.

I won't claim this is elegant, but here's the same thing in one line:

for(i=1;i<300;i++) document.write(i % 30 == 0 ? "<br>" : (Math.random()>0.5) ? '\u2571' : '\u2572');

(function draw(i){ return function () { document.write(i%30==0 ? '<br>' : Math.random()>0.5?'\u2571':'\u2572'); setTimeout(draw(i+1), 100) } }(1)())

A throttled run-forever version.

edit, slightly neater:

(function draw(i){ setTimeout(function (){ document.write(i%30==0 ? '<br>' : Math.random()>0.5 ? '\u2571':'\u2572'); draw(i+1); }, 100) }(1))

Here's a JavaScript version without the linebreaks (it uses zero-width spaces instead): http://tinkerbin.com/uEvgxZ6g

JS: for(i=0;i<1000;i++) document.write(['\u2571\u200B', '\u2572\u200B'][(Math.floor((Math.random()*2)))])

CSS: body {line-height: 1}

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