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Why piping to ruby? You have the -e operator for that:

    ruby -e 'loop do print ["\u2571","\u2572"].sample ; sleep 0.001 end'

I can't resist a golf!

    ruby -e 'print %W{\u2571 \u2572}.sample while sleep 1e-3'
(Updated: Made 3 chars shorter.)

And a shorter, but cheats, version:

    yes|ruby -pe'$_=%W{\u2571 \u2572}.sample;sleep 1e-3'
My favorite overall balance of readability and shortness though is:

    ruby -e 'print %w{╱ ╲}.sample while sleep 0.01'

Amazing! I always forget about the `something while other_thing` syntax, thank you for reminding me of it :)

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