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This makes it slower, so it's more pleasant to watch:

echo 'loop do print ["\u2571","\u2572"].sample ; sleep 0.001 end'|ruby

Why piping to ruby? You have the -e operator for that:

    ruby -e 'loop do print ["\u2571","\u2572"].sample ; sleep 0.001 end'

I can't resist a golf!

    ruby -e 'print %W{\u2571 \u2572}.sample while sleep 1e-3'
(Updated: Made 3 chars shorter.)

And a shorter, but cheats, version:

    yes|ruby -pe'$_=%W{\u2571 \u2572}.sample;sleep 1e-3'
My favorite overall balance of readability and shortness though is:

    ruby -e 'print %w{╱ ╲}.sample while sleep 0.01'

Amazing! I always forget about the `something while other_thing` syntax, thank you for reminding me of it :)

I tried to like it. I bumped up the font size to 36 points. I slowed down the loop to .01 seconds. Unfortunately, it isn't remotely the same.

The C64 had magic. I miss my old C64.

Try this: http://www.secretgeometry.com/apps/cathode/

Lots of fun. Use it to make old stuff like this feel more authentic, or just run your builds in it and tell your housemates you're haxxing teh gibson.

TBH though the reason it doesn't feel the same is ultimately because you're not the person you were 20-30 years ago, whoever that was. Nothing to do with the code or its execution environment.

While it was far better (and thanks for the pointer to Cathode!), I figured out what the problems are. First (and probably most important), the lines being output don't touch each other, so there are horizontal gaps across the entire screen. Second, the glyphs are much thinner, reducing the feeling of "wall".

What a totally clever app. And extremely well done. Thanks for sharing! Brought joy to this not-so-old-but-old-enough child of the 80s :)

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