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That's the normal procedure in germany as well. But the "package station" offer is also available, plus if you have one nearby sometimes they send it there instead of the next post office. Unfortunately they closed my "package station"..

In Sweden, the Swedish Post partners with thousands of grocery stores and corner shops and similar that act as package stations.

So when I order something, the default is that I get an SMS notification when I can pick it up at my local grocery store whenever I want, not that someone tries to deliver it to me while I'm not at home.

same here in Canada... which is why I find it odd this service was started in Canada.

My post office is 5 minutes from my house. Open late.

Purolator/UPS, Fedex, and DHL are a bit more painful though. Close at 5, only open monday-friday.

To be honest, the options for Waterloo students is scarce.

Mail delivered on campus has been known to be delayed for > 4 days (sigh), and it's a great problem to solve.

In the Netherlands, most package delivery companies, including TNT Post, will attempt (after you're discovered to not be home) to deliver to the neighbors. After another attempt at your home, you have go pick it up at their office.

TNT Post has "offices" located in many local stores so that's pretty easy.

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