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Ask HN: Would you exchange space in your email newsletter to get exposure?
4 points by jaddison on Nov 30, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
Every business is looking for ways to achieve new users/customers. Making inroads using traditional/online advertising techniques can be pretty expensive, so what if you found another business willing to exchange space in their email newsletter for space in yours?

Of course, you probably wouldn't want them to be a competitor - that's fairly obvious. Taking the example of a classy restaurant, they might exchange newsletter space with a high end men's clothing store. They might even consider another restaurant with a different dining experience and/or in a nearby town, because as a restauranteur you know that people move between restaurants anyhow, so play that knowledge as an advantage.

You both gain exposure to a new audience and maybe website visits that you could convert into customers.

Would you do it? Why or why not?

There are lots of parameters that would worry me before I trade space in my email newsletter 1. My subscriber count vs the other newsletter's count (Probably the biggest problem if I have a large user base) 2. Reputation of the other business 3. Audience relevance

All in all, I feel barter can surely work if proper metrics are put to it. I'm beginning to think about bartering tweets, facebook posts, blogs etc etc!

Those are the same concerns I have as well. For 3) and to some extent 2), you can research it and come to your own semi-reliable conclusion.

Thanks for the feedback!

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