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Viewport.js (github.com)
46 points by electic 1818 days ago | hide | past | web | 12 comments | favorite

Whoa components are making it on HN. This is great.

This one is great because it helps to know where you are on the screen based on scroll. A pain to implement in JS.

See also: cookie-monster.js https://github.com/jgallen23/cookie-monster

I'm sure there are a few cookie libraries, but so far I think I prefer https://github.com/js-coder/cookie.js

I need some context for this. Google isn't helping with a term like "component". I see the install command itself is "component". I'm not familiar with this. What am I looking at? I would like to understand. Thanks!

Client-side development currently suffers from a lack of structure, more importantly this lack of structure and fundamental sharing of assets makes it difficult to abstract libraries into smaller subsets. Normally you would think twice about separating your library into several parts, because telling end-users to install several pieces is tedious, error-prone, and frankly annoying. Component makes this extremely easy, and we may all benefit from creating smaller lego-blocks for the web.


Thanks. This should have been mentioned in the Viewport.js github page, but there is absolutely no reference to it.

My bad... I added a reference to Component in README file.

Ah, the project link was what I needed. Thank you. Things are evolving rapidly on the front-end these days!

Just wanted to say. Thank you for supporting Opera too. It simply looks nice to have inclusive development taking place in the web.

Any chance you could provide an actual Viewport.js file for people who don't want to set up a full Nodejs env just to get this?

It is bizarre to need node.js to install a Javascript component.

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