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Learning Python the Hard Way was perfect for me. I did some procedural programming with Pascal and C in the 1980s, but nothing with programming for the next 20 years. 3 months ago I started learning Django/Python. Python was the easy part as I breezed through exercises 1 through 36 in less than 2 weeks. I agree though that exercise 37 is overwhelming and that's where I stopped learning Python and began building Django apps. I did also have to carefully study OOP.

I fervently wish there were something for Django along the lines of Learn Python the Hard Way. I HAVE been learning by doing projects and every few days I get stuck for hours on something confusing about Django I don't understand. I would love guided exercises - especially on some of the more confusing aspects of Django like the cumbersome HTML template syntax, HTML template inheritance, passing the context around, directory/file structure (and the kinds of issues to expect if your files are not in the right place), customizing forms, etc.

Of course, I understand there are different learning styles. Code Academy is even more pure learning exercises but I found that very frustrating as it keeps saying your correct output is done the wrong way but won't tell you why. Learn Python the Hard Way is in between because you have latitude to implement your own way and gives you creative license on some exercises to do extra if you're interested.

TLDR: Took less than 2 weeks to go from exercises 1 through 36. Taking me months to get up to speed on Django, which has no such exercises.

Using Python for basic coding is one thing. Understanding a web framework is another, it (django at least) requires an understanding of databases, http, html, css and javascript. Each of those could be it's own Learn X the Hard Way.

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