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Finishing the First Episode of "Travel. Eat. Thrive." (kickstarter.com)
10 points by nathanbarry 1696 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

I think I'd rather keep my money and use it to "Travel. Eat. Thrive." for myself.

The quality of production is high and Nathan's food knowledge is excellent. Definitely worth the support!

My friend Nathan Agin is working to film the pilot for a new TV show about healthy food while traveling. Nathan is a nomad, in that he moves from place to place every few weeks. He's a great guy with a passion for healthy living. Check out his project!

Looks good. I'm always interested in ways to eat healthily while traveling.

Yep. After a couple weeks of traveling I get sick of generic restaurant food and want to be able to make something myself.

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