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EU stands with the US against proposed ITU Internet changes (engadget.com)
35 points by jug6ernaut 1696 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

If something like this were to pass i can't see the EU or the US going along with it. Even more so i can't see large tech companies like Google and Facebook going along with this. While I no hard figures i could see something like this devastating there income, maybe even to an extent to where it would be cheaper for them to just block access to these regions. Maybe i am over exaggerating the matter idk, but there is no way they would willingly go along with this as it proposed.

This could turn bad if the proposals are put to a vote, although ITU has said they don't want to ask for a vote, as then there will be winners and losers, and they want everyone to agree to the changes. I hope that wasn't just talk.

Even if EU loses this, I doubt they have to listen to ITU. They can just legislate that ISP's are not allowed to do that, and actually put net neutrality into law EU-wide. But content providers will still have to either pay or block their content from being seen in other countries that agreed to it, though. So it would still be a pretty bad outcome.

We have to hold their feet to the fire and make clear that righteously voting no and promising not to use the new powers isn't enough: if this law passes the US and EU countries need to leave the ITU and cut off the international calling and satellite rights cash cow with it.

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