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You have a point that some people don't have the talent to decompose objects from their mind'e eye into basic shapes. I would argue that some forms of drawing are based more on practical skill sets, which can be learned, as opposed to the ability to detect the pitch released from a musical instrument. (I make that claim as a guitarist myself)

Trying to improve your drawing ability is worth the time and effort spent. I have been working on improving my artistic lens for the past month. Am I yet at the skill level I want to be? No. Have I sacrificed a lot of time? No.

I sit down once a day whenever I can find 10 minutes, set a timer, and sketch whatever comes to mind. On busy days I skip this practice, but always make it up in the following days.

You can see the progress in this imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/GTF6w#0 . These are by no means exact representations of the image in my mind at the time. On the other hand, they are quickly getting closer to my imagination everyday.

For a practical book on the topic of drawing, I recommend http://www.amazon.com/The-Drawing-Right-Side-Brain/dp/087477... .Reading that book helped me gain a lot more confidence and understand a lot of the science behind drawing ability.

I also have a large amount of bookmarks on improving your pixel art skill set. If those would be of interest then I am happy to share those links.

You should consider working with just paper instead of a some crappier digital painting program. You need to learn your fundamentals first & use a much better program.

Don't give me crap for recommending Photoshop because I use it and think it's bloody amazing with the things it can do.

I seriously recommend you pickup a trial of Photoshop and go through these,

- Learn some fundamentals anyway you can (huge number of tutorials for nearly anything online)

- http://www.wacom.asia/au :: If you're doing digital, get a tablet from these guys. Go bamboo if you're not rich.

- http://www.ctrlpaint.com/ :: This site teaches you a fair bit about Photoshop and drawing in general.

- http://theroundtablet.com/ :: Awesome for tablet owners and if you want to tutorials from professionals. Also has some nice brushes from well known artists.

- http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/ :: These folks are legendary. They're all over the industry & have some of the best teachers on the web. They cost a bit but it's worth it. Seriously recommended.

- http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?870-Journey-of-a... :: A real beginner to pro journey where some guy with little experience shares everything as he practices relentlessly. Possibly for the inspiration category...

INSPIRATION : These are great for games but also good for just coming up with a starting point for say, concept art. - http://chaoticshiny.com/ - http://donjon.bin.sh/

I applaud your persistence but I'd argue that you might be better off refining your work, than just making new sketch each time.

But it's art - I can imagine you developing your own style this way, and I'd absolutely have no problem with it.

And I guess it is easier to keep one-sketch-a-day as a habit than feverishly improving single piece to no end.

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