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Show HN: My HTML5 Game for Github Game Off (khele.in)
82 points by binarydreams 1639 days ago | hide | past | web | 24 comments | favorite

WARNING: This game is dangerous. It stole 30 minutes from me without my noticing. Play at your own risk.

(by which I mean: Well done binarydreams - it's a cute game, and runs well on my browser!)

This is fun! Really great work, runs nice and smooth on my machine.

If I could make suggestions (and this should be taken as "constructive feedback" and not "I hate this"), they would be pretty minor:

- I'd have the green-star progress bar be green to match the thing I collected (maybe even stick a little tiny star next to the bar to label it), and make the it go the other way. Right now the bar fills up, but I think of it as an ability running out, not filling up.

- A collision sound when I hit something, and maybe on the high-score screen tell me what I hit when I died. "You mid-air collided with the red dude. It was both devastating and awesome."

I think that's it. Really great stuff.

Edit: one more thing worth noting, I know the music is just a loop, but I didn't find it annoying at all. It fit perfectly.

You NEED to make a iOS version of this game. You will make ALLOT of money.

Try Ejecta! It implements the Canvas API in OpenGL and is pretty fast :) http://impactjs.com/ejecta

Are there not already 8 million games almost exactly like this on iOS?

Now loads of people have asked me to do that. I am definitely gonna take a look at ejecta although it would be cool if some ios/android guy gets in touch with me. :)

I need to do some research on this topic.

Well done. Very addictive! Enough for me to decide that it's time to round the workweek off. I'll fetch an Orval[1] and immerse myself in the game.

(the collision detection seems to be a little off, but it's hardly noticeable.)

[1] http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/orval/835/

The collission detection being off was done on purpose to make the gameplay less harder - I have mentioned that in the description below.

Nice game! You obviously spent more time than we did on graphics. It would be nice to hear what you guys think about our attempt: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4852549

Nice, love this game. There is a similar(very similar) game on my cellphone involving a helicopter, but without any enemies or things to collect. This is definitely much more fun than that.

Nice variation off of the Helicopter game [http://www.helicoptergame.net/]. Love the clean graphics.

Could you comment a bit on the APIs you used, what worked well, and potential pitfalls?

Only the Canvas JS API. Everything worked pretty well.

Only HTML5 Audio is a bit buggy thats why you can hear the looping not being smooth. Plus loadeddata support is kinda weird in Safari.

Apart from that it was pretty good, I am planning on making more games :) also I'll be posting most of the experience and information on my blog http://codetheory.in

Thanks for answering!

Wow you can die going to high, that ruined my long run.

Gravity seems a little strange to me.

my score: 3554.

it appears to me that the collisiondetection is of a different precision for different obstacles. that is kind of confusing...

Well done! Can't wait to look at the code.

https://github.com/mindd-it/game-off-2012 this code, that was linked below the game?

It's HTML5, so you can inspect the code with Firebug or Chrome developer tools.



mit.score = 1337000000001337;

this is so simple and fun.


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