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Bradley Manning finally gets hearing after two years in prison (npr.org)
16 points by ck2 1696 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

I really hate this part:

"The military contends the treatment was proper, given Manning's classification then as a maximum-security detainee who posed a risk of injury to himself or others."

You can explain everything with that circular logic. The prison made him dangerous to self and others and it was designed for such people, so it was correct. Really messed up.

I've worked with military types on engineering projects. This is how they works. People in the military accept it and pass the doctrine on over and over.

It's like a crazy religion to be honest.

Gee why would a person become suicidal after being locked for months in a freezing 6x8 concrete room without windows.

We better take your clothes and blanket to fix that.

Translation: The brainwashing stage is complete, he is now suitable to face the public.

As significant as the content of this article is, I couldn't give it an upvote because in my mind it is world news, legal news, civil rights news, but not "Hacker News".

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