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Google Play revenue grew 17%, iOS revenue contracted 0.7% in Nov 2012 (appannie.com)
24 points by anielsen 1837 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

These 3rd party download/revenue statistic websites are basically fodder for business tabloids - in a past life I had access to a large number of independent internal stats, and confirmed there was vary rarely any relation between actual and 3rd party estimated numbers.

This doesn't seem correct. Has iOS revenue ever shown even the slightest hint of contracting in the past? Plus I saw a great revenue boost in November thanks to Thanksgiving.

They are just using their customer data, ignore it.

17% of a small amount. 0.7% of a very large amount. Lies damn lies and statistics.

Contracted vs grew is still in opposite direction and significant, but I doubt those numbers are right, they should both be growing.

True, but still consider that 0.7% of a very large amount ... is a very large amount.

"iOS revenue flat" is a good enough story in itself.

"on app annie, a iTunesConnect/Google Play financial report parsing service"

This says more about where app Annie's customership is growing than anything else.

These are not global stats for all customers. Nor is it a random sample.

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