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Show HN: Our Hosted App Platform based on Github Services (supportbee.com)
23 points by prateekdayal on Nov 30, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

We just rolled out our developer platform (beta). It is based on the same ideas that power Github Services. You can write small (but powerful) apps and push the code to us. We take care of hosting, authentication, rendering/saving forms etc and list your apps in the app directory where anyone can add them and use them.

So far we have written small apps like Campfire, Hipchat, Github Issues, Pivotal tracker etc to showcase the capabilities of the platform. The app directory is at https://supportbee.com/apps

The development process should be (hopefully) pretty straight forward. We have also bundled a nice web console to help you develop/test your apps quickly. I would love for you guys to give us feedback on the development experience

I would love to answer any questions or hear your feedback. Our apps repo is at https://github.com/supportbee/SupportBee-Apps. You can star it if you want to follow the development. Thanks!

Is this language agnostic?

My hunch is that it's Ruby only but you don't say that anywhere obvious.

That is correct. Right now you can only write apps in ruby. We will update the documentation.

I'd put that in the first paragraph of the home page if I were you. It's quite a vital fact.

Great idea, but I couldn't find pricing. Even with a free trial, I'd like to know what it's going to cost. And "as low as X per month" doesn't count.

Found pricing at https://supportbee.com/pricing

Unltd agents on all plans, * $19 for 300 tickets/m, * $49 for 1000 t/m * $149 for 5000 t/m * $349 for 15K t/m

Sorry. I just realized that the button at the bottom of the page should take people to the site and not to the signup page. I will update it and push it up now.

Agreed. Real pricing information is necessary.

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