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Microsoft launches ‘Don’t get Scroogled’ Bing campaign (thenextweb.com)
6 points by ashleyblackmore 1696 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

I did two shopping searches on both services. One for "towel rack" and one for "tv sound system" because these are things I actually searched for in pursuit of a potential purchase earlier today. This is what I noticed:

- Bing's results are surrounded by ads, while Google's are not

- Google's interface is cleaner and the images are larger

- Google's results include ratings, which I personally find to be an awesome feature, and "special offers" on select results

- Bing had more results, but slightly less focused ("tv sound system" results include headsets and televisions)

- I couldn't say that the quality of the results themselves were definitively better from one than from the other

- When using lists to compare products, Bing's include just about every technical detail while Google's provide less, but more summary-like information

I order almost everything from Amazon anyway because I have Prime and it's amazing. But if I were to do a quick out-of-Amazon search for something, I'd still default to Google. I didn't find Bing's results (based on this limited test) to be different or better enough to compensate for it's less comfortable experience and feature set.

It's funny how changing search engines has become a foreign thought--that'd be like telling the average american to switch out of Coke.

In fact I'll make a point to do that right now--to Bing I mean, not a fan of soft drinks. Let's see what it's like to have Chrome lead me to Microsoft's results for a few days, if only to give my brain a workout, in the same sense I've put my mouse on the left-hand side--and then ditched it completely for keyboard only. Which is actually something to entertain regarding search as we know it, is nothing ever going to replace it? Can't you really think out of the box and turn the world of search upside down? Surely what we take for granted isn't the only way.

Pepsi is pretty popular you know.

In certain regions and by a certain demographic. They'll have 30% of the fizzy drink market as long as it lasts.

Look, you read the word "don't" and your subconcious already knows something's fishy. This is something a smart/experienced marketing person would know. Attack ads are for losers.

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