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This is probably just going to be buried, but I think someone needs to tell you, Mr. Bender, that you are failing to see the forest through the trees.

In this work and in other projects of yours that I see on github, I see an incredible amount of effort wasted on semantics, formal theory, notation and attempted minor refinements to syntax.

Maybe your obvious intelligence would serve us all better if you focused more on creating new programming languages or software development tools rather than refining existing systems that are quite functional.

Have you ever created a tool that has anything approaching the utility of CoffeeScript? Because I think that unfortunately in your blog post you've proven that your study of mathematics was actually wasted.

Math is just obfuscated code that doesn't compile or run.

John Bender created Vagrant[1] with me back in 2010. I don't consider it even close to the caliber of CoffeeScript, but I'd say that is a pretty solid contribution to the world.

I should also note that basically the only part of Vagrant that hasn't changed in the past 3 years are the parts John came up with based on some pretty impressive mathematical underpinnings.

Research almost always appears useless on the surface, but it is what makes all of what we do on these clicky-clacky machines possible today.

[1]: http://vagrantup.com

How is vagrant not close to the caliber of coffee script? Vagrant solves an actual problem.

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