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iTunes 11 is out
5 points by hboon 1842 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments
First impressions: it has a nice clean look.

It's a real CPU hogger.

I'm not having any performance issues, and I really like the new look. It feels less cluttered and the album view with the colored background is visually appealing with a few exceptions where the color doesn't work as a background.

I also really enjoy the placement of the play next button which is something I've already used several times. Overall, I'm very happy with the upgrade.

> It's a real CPU hogger.

It's not a CPU hogger; it's a studio apartment space heater.

I'm still using iTunes 8. I stopped trusting the updates after it messed up my files one time.

How do you migrate to new machines?

It's only been four years since iTunes 8, why would they need to migrate?

what do you mean migrate to new machines?

When you buy a new computer, how do you get iTunes 8 on it. Do you keep the old installer around, etc.

Do you not use and sync any iOS device with it?

I haven't had to migrate to a new machine. I'm sure I'll need to update iTunes when I do, I'm not that hard-headed about it.

I really miss the Coverflow view :(. Might be worth downgrading for, actually.

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