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Ask HN: What's the most annoying 16 digit password to manually type?
8 points by Uncreative 1401 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite
Long story short, I need to give a password on a piece of paper to someone I don't like. They can't store it or change it, so I'd like it to be as annoying as possible. Any strategies you can think of? End to end of the keyboard, etc?

How passive-aggressive! I love it! (I think it'll bite you though).

You want to optimize for highest finger replacement, ensuring that hands must change positions as many times as possible. Requiring shift-number row and then alternating in letter "z" would require a lot of that. Similarly, letters y g b and h are out of most people's home row, and requiring them to be capitalized would require the use of both hands.

Depending on the disposition of the individual a political, religious, or misspelled phrase (or multiple of these) could further inflame the password. Something like "their isa godd".

I hope this person deserves this.

The typo is sheer genius. That just is perfection. YourAnAmerican!




can you use alt codes?



The one you can't remember.

Edit: I'll give it a shot... Uräñuśš1ŠaĀńÅšŚ;) || UräñuśšŠt1ñkśß@D

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