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Ask HN: What are the best CRM tools?
4 points by jkaykin 1365 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite
I am looking for a great CRM tool that lets me really organize sales, marketing and communications. I need a simple way to be able to track sales relations after a sale is made to make sure customers are happy. I need to also easily be able to track my teams progress.

Thanks in advance!

I have found that even though apps for things like time management are a dime a dozen and none of them work like I want them to. Few of them are targeting to solo developers.

Throwing together graphs and a decent interface is getting easier every day with UI frameworks, bootstrapping tools and design snippets available for anyone to use.

Maybe I'm crazy and just wasting time, but I have just started building my own apps for these sorts of things. It doesn't have to be perfect as long as it gets the core of what I need. I can iterate on them daily and these sessions are also great for daily practice on something I want to get better at. It also gives me a chance to exercise things that I normally don't have to deal with, like UX / UI design.

Pipedrive, HighriseHQ, CapsuleCRM. These are the 3 I liked most.

Now, we use Pipedrive, but its focus is on sales, not in marketing/communications, maybe it is not the best for you.

Looking forward to get more useful here.

Base CRM (https://getbase.com/) - haven't used it myself but looks promising.

I asked this a while ago on HN and got turned on to Zoho CRM. I like it a lot and its easy to use, and free, for small users.

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