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Advent Locker: an Amazon Locker Christmas treasure hunt (adventlocker.com)
17 points by tomscott 1640 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

A bit of explanation: @iamdanw came up with this idea about 24 hours ago, and it was constructed entirely over a 3G connection in that day. It's shown up a few interesting issues with Amazon Lockers - including that items which don't have a confirmed size in Amazon's systems show up as being "too big". That's taken out a lot of our 'trinket' buying options...

Got encouraged to submit it here as it sort-of qualifies as a hack on top of a service that wasn't really designed for this sort of thing...

Awesome idea. Would be cool to see this in other places too... sadly, I am not in London. :(

Sounds brilliant! Shame I'll probably be in work when they get announced! (also a shame I can't get to soho tonight! :P)

Great idea, I'm just hoping a location comes up that is near Canary Wharf so I can "nip to the loo".

Absolutely love this idea! If I was in London this Christmas I definitley would have taken part.

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