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Teach HN: Proposal
13 points by danvoell 1875 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
What if there was a "Teach HN:" syntax for full tutorials about how to build products. As a beginner programmer, normally after I see a cool "Show HN:" I start scrounging around trying to figure out how they built it. I think it could be useful to the community to share and vote up tutorials which are good. It would also be valuable to be able to search only tutorials. Just a thought.

I would very much like a user friendly Linux guide. "Linux DevOps for Devs" - I find the man pages gaudy and completely unreadable, precisely because I'm not that exposed to Linux.

We need something current, useful, free and community driven. A clear linear path from "Linux Zero" to "Stallman Gentoo" (lol, just kidding).

I'd kill for a site like this.

Agreed. Tutorials have been great for learning but generally there is no way to know which ones are good and which ones actually still work without spending a decent amount of time digging in. Like you said, is would also be great, if tutorials could be built on top of each other to create a linear path.

This would be very interesting.

Love it.

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