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Realtime top hashtags on Twitter with Storm + JRuby + CoffeeScript + D3.js (colinsurprenant.com)
37 points by blearyeyed 1697 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

- On the backend, for the realtime Twitter data analysis, Tweitgeist uses Redstorm which is a JRuby DSL & integration to the Storm engine. https://github.com/colinsurprenant/redstorm https://github.com/nathanmarz/storm

- Redis is used as a queue server.

- On the frontend side: Node.js, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, D3.js

Basically, Node serves a very simple API, everything else is in the browser.

... and please don't be too hard on the UI design, I basically suck with UI :P

Mixing Storm, JRuby and Amazon RedShift is going to be probably very interesting for ETL jobs. I will definitely investigate!

This app rocks!

Nice job Colin!

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