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ITunes 11 Download Will Be Available Tomorrow (cydiaism.com)
7 points by cydiaism 1756 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

That "article" is shit. It has no information on it at all.

I found Apple's web-site a little useful: http://www.apple.com/itunes/new-itunes/

The new iTunes looks terrible. It looks like they are Metro-fying the UI (i.e. removing all of the productive bits and then claiming the simplicity is a good trade-off).

I don't believe anything is actually being removed. Judging by the screenshots on the preview site, it appears that all existing functionality is still available, with some of it placed differently than in iTunes 10.

Having both an iPhone 4 and an iPad 3 as well as a Macbook Air and a fat iPod Nano (best thing ever), I found it interesting that from all those keynotes we had this year, knowing iTunes would get reimagined got me much more excited than everything else they announced. I feel like we have peaked on those technologies as for most people (like myself) everything is just good enough.

In more detail, I feel like the iPhone 4 (until I updated it to iOS 6) was fast enough that I didn't feel like buying a new one. The iPad 3 got the retina display which is just amazing to read. It could be lighter but, for its use, it's good enough for me not to want a new one. (I will eventually buy an iPad Mini once it gets retina though.) My Macbook Air is still incredible fast and I don't think going retina now is necessary thus saving me some money. Finally, there was never an iPod like the fat Nano. I could get more storage but it still works perfectly.

My birthday was last week and I usually buy a gift for myself but this year it felt like everything is just fine and I don't need anything else in my life. Good times I guess.

I've found myself slowly slipping away from iTunes to manage my library and I'm not seeing anything that's really going to hold me for much longer.

It's a shame as I remember being excited when I started using iTunes way-back-when.

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