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Announcing Google Drive Site Publishing (googleappsdeveloper.blogspot.com)
65 points by rnicholson 1640 days ago | hide | past | web | 18 comments | favorite

It's not quite as convenient as copying a public link in Dropbox, but you can just copy and paste the unique id string from the share link, like:




And it works.

It's funny. I spent a while yesterday trying to find a free easy and secure way for anyone to publish static websites, but couldn't find anything that was like the Dropbox public folder option. And now Google comes out with this...

I guess I'll have to update my post http://www.zappable.com/2012/11/the-zappable-guide-to-findin...

> couldn't find anything that was like the Dropbox public folder option

With http://www.site44.com/ you can use Dropbox for webhosting.

That looks interesting. Thanks.

Just use github pages, it's free, secure and easy to use.

I'm a software developer and I find it hard to use. The documentation isn't so great. If "I" find it hard, imagine what a layman would feel like?

I don't think Github pages is easy to use.

I linked to it in my chart, but it might be hard to use for someone with no experience.

Second decision box: the word "need" is duplicated.

Left exit from first decision box: should say '90s, not 90'ss.

Thanks, I updated it. Now I just need a way for people to find it..

>We look forward to seeing what you create, and we’re happy to answer your questions on Stack Overflow.

A little bit OT, but using Stack Overflow rather than their Google Group is kind of odd?

This isn't the first Google technology they've done this for - they also do this for App Engine IIRC

Are custom domains supported ? .Like github?

Don't think so, and that's a big downside.

To me this doesn't sound very exciting. To publish static website/contents programatically , why would i bother use this and not Github pages? It's easier and more programmers friendly too, since it's git.

Its to create tools for users who might not be using Git, but do have Google drive/docs.

Did it not occur to you that this was probably for non-programmers or those who aren't technically inclined?

Does Drive still lack Delta Sync, where only deltas hit the wire? For me that is the biggest advantage of Dropbox.

I have made a video tutorial and step-by-step guide here. http://www.tweaklip.com/internet/50-publish-static-website-u...

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