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PHP-Queue - A unified front-end for different queuing backends. (github.com)
27 points by coderkungfu 1369 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

"Job Queue is Backend agnostic"

This may be slightly tangental and I really don't want to come across as a troll but 'agnostic' in its absolute loosest terms could be defined as 'unknowable' (although it specifically relates to whether the existence of a higher-being/god-figure is provable or not).

I don't know techies have latched on to this word when it's totally unrelated; words like 'independent' or 'neutral' already existed and do actually mean what the techies want it to mean!

I know language evolves - trust me, I'm a computational linguist who used to work for Longman Dictionaries - but if people started using 'mangler' as a synonym 'compiler' nerds would, quite rightly, wonder wtf is going on!

Other than that, keep up the good work :)

Ha ha... guess i picked up that "lingo" in my past life as a proposal writer for govt funding (read: BS generator). But thanks for the tip. I'll steer clear of that term in the future. :D

Mongrel2, which is sweet, declares itself "an application, language, and network architecture agnostic web server". and it's a pretty apt description.

while it's possible it's not the appropriate word choice here, i wasn't actually able to conclude that from the readme. i believed it to be agnostic because it said it was.

I suspect that agnostic as a word has lost some of its meaning because of all the heat in the religious vs atheist debates. To some being agnostic on the issue of god is a cop-out (get off the fence!); to moderates being agnostic is a kind way of not offending either side. Either way it's become associated with a kind of pragmatic ambivalence about the issue.

And hence agnostic -> ambivalent -> disinterested (NB disinterested != uninterested) -> neutral. A chinese whisper of semantics if you will. The result being 50% of software platforms nowadays profess to not having a position on the existence/non-existence of a god!

Funny old world.

Awesome! Thanks for putting it on Composer :)

very cool & useful


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